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Types of Auto Mechanic Services

An auto mechanic gets trained both in the classroom and in the field. In the classroom setup, they are taught the different types of vehicles and how their parts differ from each other. After their training, they are sent to the field to learn the practical aspect of what they have learned. They work closely with an expert mechanic to learn the secrets of the trade. Once they get their required number of hours for their training, they will either work for a company or as an independent service provider. The following are the different types of auto mechanic services:

Maintenance Service

They do all the routine maintenance for a vehicle. They check the fluid and oil levels of a vehicle and change them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. They check other mechanical and electrical parts of the vehicle. Since this happens on a regular basis, most of their clients are regular clients as well. If a car is brought to them for issues, they take care of this matter as well.

Diagnostic Services

While similar to maintenance service, this time the auto mechanic will use a special equipment to check the status of the vehicle or diagnose its problem. Since most cars are already using the latest technologies, auto mechanics have updated themselves with these upgrades as well.

Repair Services

Among the auto mechanic services, this is the most popular one. People will usually bring their car to the shop for repairs. They want to make sure the repairs are properly done so they do not have to deal with the same problem over and over again. Auto mechanics can get replacement auto parts at a better price as well.

Body Repair Services

Their services include repairing dents, scratches, and even collision damages. Some auto mechanics also offer auto body painting.

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